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Welcome to the Ultimate Safelist Training Ground: Part One

Basically what you will be learning is how to conduct a simple A/B test in order to get the best ad out in front of thousands of hungry prospects. This strategy works for any solo ads, email, Squeeze pages, sales letters or really just about any kind of advertising that you may be involved in.

One thing you need to do is track your promotions, whether it is for a free or paid product or services you are promoting. If you have never tested an ad before, you will soon discover one of the most powerful marketing tools outside of using a simple autoresponder.

If you ask any successful advertiser "what is your secret to promotion success?" they will all answer "they test and track there results".

The reason you should do this is to see which promotion is actually working for you, and then eliminate the ads that aren't working. With a good ad tracker you should be able to not only track hits and site referrals but track actual sales from your promotions.

What you really need to understand before conducting a split test is most advertisers actually have more than one ad written for the same product or service. When I write up copy for an ad, I re-write it several times and in as many ways as possible.

Then once tested, I distill the control message down to a paragraph. This will make your PPC, banner ad, or any short advertising so concentrated that it will literally stand out from the rest. Remember that your copy at this point has been tested and proven to make you money by this stage.

This is NOT a manual on writing Ad Copy.                                 
 There are hundreds of those out there. The world doesn't need another course on the basics.

 Advertising Strategy that Pays off

You’re reading this report because you want your advertising to pay off Big Time, right?
There are a lot of business owners out there that are lazy. I know I hear them complaining all the time on forums and some on their blogs. What are they complaining about?

How their ads aren’t making them much money.

The reason their advertising isn't paying is because they don’t conduct simple split tests. What I am referring to here is A/B testing.
Here is how it works in a nutshell…

Let’s imagine for a moment that you have an ad selling a $50 product that’s returning a 1% conversion rate (one buyer per 100 visitors). That means for every 100 visitors who see your ad, you make $50 (gross). If your ad expenses are $25 for every 100 visitors, then your net profit is $25 for these 100 visitors.

Now imagine if you tested another version of your ad and discovered a simple headline improvement boosted your conversion rate to 2%. Now you’re making $100 for every 100 visitors. And since your ad expenses remain the same ($25), you’re now making a $75 profit for every 100 visitors.

Which return on investment would you rather have? I don’t know about you, but I would play that kind of game all day long.

Instead, every week these marketers pump fists full of money into their advertising, figuring if they’re making a profit, that’s “good enough.”

But it’s NOT good enough.

Some of these ads could be tweaked: to provide a higher conversion rate.
Some of the ads could be thrown in the Garbage: because they’re not performing and actually costing you money.

You might even have a killer ad that’s being under-utilized because you don’t realize the ad is performing at a better conversion. And the only way to know for sure is by testing and tracking your ads.
I have said this time and time again, if you are not testing, and tracking your advertising then it’s not true advertising.  It is just PR, and PR, costs a lot of money. Just ask Nike® :o)


Champagne Testing on a Beer Budget

Not many Internet marketers will agree with me on this, but I am going to let you in on one of my marketing secrets. When I test my ads and squeeze pages I test them for free.

Well that isn’t true. I do have to pay with my time.

 If you have more time than budget or just like the thought of testing your ads for nothing, then the rest of this report is going to save you from getting a part time job ;o)

What I am referring to is safe-list email marketing. Okay, there it is, my secret is finally out.
Whew!… Oh, WHAT a RELIEF- it is.
Are you still with me? Ok, greatJ

From my research for this report I have found that a lot of “list swaps” and “Solo advertisers” use safe list marketing as a means of creating leads.

Marlon Sanders calls Safe list and Traffic exchange marketing “The Ultimate Training Ground.”

That’s the name of his bonus you get with his Traffic Dashboard product. It’s 4 video’s over an hour each, that shows you step by step how to get bigger conversions using Traffic Exchanges.

It is literally ground breaking stuff that he teaches in those videos.
With that said, I am going to show you in just a moment how to do an A/B Split test using safe list marketing.
Before you dismiss this strategy think about this. Almost everyone on those safe lists are affiliate marketers and business owners like you or those that are getting their feet wet learning Internet Marketing.
Could anyone of these people use what you have to offer?
You bet they can.
Before you begin using this strategy you need to know a few things first.

 What is Safe list Marketing:

 A safe list is a membership site which allows its members to exchange email ads with one another. This means that you would be able to email an advertisement to the entire membership of a safe list and in exchange you would receive email ads from other members.

One hand feeds the other…

All of this works on a credit system. You receive credits from the safe list when you click on the credit link inside a list member’s email.

It is best if you build your list when using safe list marketing and not offer a product or service. Save those for your one time offer page after they fully subscribe to your list.

Send out a mailing with a great teaser subject line and a short message in the email. Make it any longer than a paragraph is just a waste of your time.  Think 144 characters or less (just like twitter) and you will do fine.

If a certain subject lines tests out really well during you’re A/B test you can use it for your eyebrow on a sales letter. That is how I test the subject line. If it captures a good open rate I may use that subject line as my eyebrow, the words above the headline, sub-head or even the headline.

Moving on…

You will also want to set up a separate email account for your safe list marketing, instead of using your personal email address. I prefer Gmail because it is free and has plenty of room for lots of ads. Also as with anything on the Internet you will want your anti-virus program updated before using this type of free advertising.

It is better to be “safe” than sorry.